Where I notebook about live sound

As a follow-up to my recent live sound and Google Notebook posts, I give you my Google Notebook about live sound. I've been researching how to process live vocals as well as microphones and if you care about that then I guess you could read my notebook and follow me around and we could be boring together.

So far I think the consensus is that I need to try my Digitech VX400 again and maybe actually spend some time working on the sound now that I sort of have an idea what I'm looking for.

Google Notebook is still weird. Any page with more than a paragraph of good information I bookmark, so it's got a really narrow focus. Still no tagging bothers me. It's hard to move lots of items between notebooks. The notebooks display your oldest entries first, which isn't what I expect. The URLs aren't friendly. But Google's so smart, it must be a problem with me.

Brad Turcottegear, tech