Guitar painting: part 2 (the sanding)

I sanded the guitar over the past couple of days. Before:

just about stripped (front)


sanded backsanded front


Not pictured: me using my 26-inch pythons to remove the bridge screw sockets. Train, say your prayers and eat your vitamins.

So there's actual wood grain going on there, sweet. Anyway, sanding by hand sucks. I got most of it done but borrowed one of them oscillating sanders to get rid of the really stubborn stuff. Also doing the little rounded tips at the end of the guitar was a living hell on ice.

I ordered some Golden Age Humbucker pickups for it. They're cheap and they have really decent ratings at Harmony Central. I'm too poor and shoddy a guitar player to buy really nice ones so hopefully these'll do. I can't imagine much worse than what was in there before. Can I also say I care so little about "classic tone" that it's ridiculous. I've been reading a lot about pickups and everyone's bizarrely concerned about how "classic" their tone is. When someone tells me their pickups sound like they're from the 50s I think "oh, you mean crappy?"

Thanks to Paul Roub for pointing out that I could ditch my big ugly pick guard and use plastic mounting rings instead. I love the internet.

So next is to treat all the dings and notches and fill the holes in the body, re-sand lightly and then put some sealer on it. I still haven't found where they sell Krylon spray paint in Ottawa, but I'm a ways off from actually painting. Getting closer though...

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