Guitar painting: part 3 (delays)

I got annoyed sanding on an overturned recycling bin (aka my workbench) and there happened to be some Father's Day sales on workbenches. So I bought one of these for $20:

I've spent the past week trying to set this up in intermittent spurts. Turns out not only am I retarded and stupid, I am also inept. Here's what my assembled version looked like a couple days ago:

Sickly. Looks like it needs to be put down. Since then I went and bought some more nuts (you can just buy them) and have stabilized it somewhat, but now the wood for the top doesn't fit anymore. So I really don't want to talk about it anymore.

I finally found some Krylon paint in a craft store. There was a sale on so I think all the sexy colors were taken. Here's what I got:

I think I'm going to paint it "true blue". I really thought about bright yellow or pink, as I like those colors, but then I thought maybe I should go for something more conservative as those loud colors seem like ones you could get sick of real easily. And blue's still a nice non-standard guitar color. My little logo falling guy will be in black.

Also my order from Stewart MacDonald showed up today. Here are my Golden Age pickups:

Getting these has made me regret tearing my guitar apart because I really want to try them out, but I can't until I paint the stupid thing.

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