Guitar painting: part 4 (sanding sealer)

Besting the workbench, I masked my guitar:

guitar masked & sanding sealerguitar masked & sanding sealer

Hope I did a good enough job. It was a pain in the ass to do, lots of exacto-knife work. I also took a tip from Paint Your Own Guitar and attached a 2x1 to the neck joint and stuck a bike hook in the end. This way I can hold it by the 2x1 and move it around when I'm painting it and then hang it up to dry when I'm done.

guitar masked & sanding sealerguitar masked & sanding sealer

The 2x1 works well except that the body flops around a bit as I move it, bending at the bolt I put in. I'm too afraid to make any new holes, so I taped some thick cardboard to the sides of the 2x1 to protect the neck socket as I throw it around.

Also I made a painting area in the garage. A lot of tape and country newspapers went into the making of this:

guitar masked & sanding sealer

And I applied the first coat of sanding sealer. I read a lot of guitar painting tutorials (well, like four) and some did this and others didn't bother. Luckily I found some sanding sealer at the local hardware store so we're on. I'm sure I'll make up for this in the sanding stage as I can't find any sandpaper with grits over 320 around here.

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