Guitar painting: part 5 (disaster strikes)

This is where it all gets ugly. I was happy with the four coats of sanding sealer I put on. The wood was looking great:

And I thought I had it in the bag. The surface seemed smooth and shiny so what could go wrong? Let's slap some primer on this sucker and get it painted!

Bam. Looks pretty good -- but wait! Zoom in close here and there's trouble on the surface of paradise:

Oh no!

What the-

Oh god in heaven no. The surface of my guitar looks like the rocky uninhabitable surface of Mars. Tons of little paint cracks all over the freaking place. I try to sand it down a little but it's taking off all my primer and doesn't seem to be helping much.

I've received conflicting advice such as "just paint over it, it'll be fine", "fill it with bondo", and "sand it completely down and start over". I'm not quite sure what to do next. Perhaps I'll cry.

Update: my friend Aaron tells me that the little awful looking cracks are most likely because the sanding sealer surface was too smooth and the paint didn't bond to it properly. I needed to sand the sealer more so that the paint would stick to it.

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