Guitar painting question

Not that I'm qualified to answer, but since I started blogging about painting my guitar I've been getting asked a lot of questions. Abe writes:

Great job on your guitar! So if I'm correct I'm supposed to use sanding sealer, primer, Krylon spray paint, and a clear coat. What kind of primer and clear coats do I use though? And is orange supposed to sit for 3 months after the clear coats are applied? Thanks for any advice (again).

I used the generic gray Krylon primer. You can see it in this picture here on the right:

For the clear coats I used Krylon's "Crystal Clear" acrylic spray. I don't have any pictures of that right now unfortunately.

As I understand it, the color you paint the guitar doesn't affect the time it needs to sit for. It's only if you use more than one color (and therefore more coats of clear.)

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