Nerdy audio collaboration

So I'm doing some audio collaboration. My pal Rob is helping me out with the production of my new album and I was looking for a way for us to pass hundreds of megs of audio back and forth without having to upload and download the entire project again. To send only the changes to each other.

Seemed like a task that would be simple enough. This sort of thing must happen all the time in this crazy mixed-up world, right? I searched and asked around and couldn't find any simple Windows solutions. So I had to head into Unix-land.

I now have a share set up on the Linux server in my basement which will hold the master audio files. Rob and I each have directories on our hard drives to mirror those files. We then use cwRsync to synchronize the directories to or from the server, depending on what we want to do.

It'll still require coordination on our part. If we both make changes and upload our changes, we'll overwrite the changes of the other person. But it should hopefully beat using an FTP site and uploading hundreds of megs every time we want to exchange projects.

Hopefully this will not all end in flames.

Brad Turcottetech