So tired

Very tired up in here. Been doing a bunch of shows and a lot of other crud, no time to blog. The live band, I believe, is pretty tight, in case you were wondering. We're rocking pretty consistently now and many XP points have been gained. I believe we'll level up soon and then move on to some bigger quests instead of killing rats in the dungeon for gold. I need to put some more pictures online.

My throat's hurting me after the show last night, not sure if that's due to too many bar hamburgers or singing too much or a cold, but it's lame. I'm thinking that a successful local band strategy would be to hire dance ringers. Preferably some skinny blonde girls who will act drunk and dance for the band, thereby making dudes hang around the club and buy drinks, thereby making you the most successful live band in town. I'll get the Excel charts to you tomorrow.

Brad Turcottemisc