Temple of Ego

Here's a service that someone with more time than me should make: a personal aggregator that combines all your feeds from various services together into a timeline view. I first saw this here and I made my own here.

Things that mine doesn't do that would be great:

  • Archive everything that rolls in off the feeds so you can go back in time further
  • Import old entries
  • Search within the article and page text
  • Alternative views, timeline, group by topic, tag, etc.
  • Spit out a combined RSS feed
  • Let visitors filter sources (say I just want to see your blog and delicious)
  • Let users easily add feeds to their own pages. Mine's pure hackery.
  • Widgets and so on so embed this stuff in your blog, myspace, etc.

Of course this heavily leans towards the nerdy as hell demographic so I don't know how you'd make your millions. But it would be nice.

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