Babble update

Neil Gaiman linked to my copy of Babble yesterday, interesting:

I'm just reading the introduction to Fragile Things, and I'm intrigued by your mention of a computer program called Babble that you used in the writing of "Diseasemaker's Croup". I'm really curious about what the program is and how it works, but I'm not able to find other references to it online. What can you tell me about Babble, and how can I get a copy?

A quick Google found me a copy of Babble up on
It's strange that no-one's updated or reinvented it in the last 15 years, isn't it? It can make some wonderful things.

Neil Gaiman is old school. And seriously -- what is the deal with there being no good modern version of Babble? It's like a mixing desk for language, what art nerd would not want that?

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