Happy holidays + year in review

Happy holidays everyone. I've had a busy but basically sweet year. Lots of live shows, the band unit really came together to a level of tightness I'm shocked to be a part of. I quit sulking and got my ass back in gear about making music again, I turned 30, I discovered a love for sushi and ultimately a dislike for paying high prices for sushi.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and was supportive of the whole Brad Sucks thang this year. All you podcasters, listeners, emailers and most especially all the people who gave me money. Man I love you guys.

Also of course a huge thanks to Brad Sucks band members Bruce, Rob, departing bassist Richard and newly-hazed bassist Matthew. I'm not a sentimental guy so I'll just say: hey what's up.

2007 looks like it'll be fun. I've got a lot of projects I've been working on that should be ready this year as well as more playing live with the hard-earned confidence and so on.

Now I have to go drink.

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