So long Rob

Rob Cosh, friend and guitarist of Brad Sucks Live is leaving the band. There's no drama -- Rob's helping me produce my next album so we still tight. He's got his own music to do and a family and business to tend to. He was the motivational force behind me getting my ass in gear and doing the live stuff, so I owe him a huge thanks.

Rob will still be playing our two remaining dates (on January 27th and February 10th) so be sure to come out for the rock!

As for the future, he says peering into his crystal ball, I had been thinking about toning back the heavy rock and getting things to sound a bit more like my recorded stuff with the synths and the effects and the so on. Brad Sucks fans that came out tended to be a little put off by how guitary the show was and while it's been huge fun it's probably not where my heart lies. So I think I'm going to dial it back to a three piece augmented by a lot of laptop use and see how that goes.

After a year and a half of performing I'm also interested in trying out playing solo again. I love the sound and energy of a live band, but I've been watching some Ableton Live performance videos (1, 2, 3) and am inspired to try it. I ran out and bought an FCB1010, which I'll be blogging about later.

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