Magnatune on Second Life

Magnatune has a Second Life location. Free t-shirts and most interestingly -- audio streams for your lands. Very neat. The info:

  • - Listen & hang out: a large space on Joi Ito's island Kula 1, with themed listening areas for each of our genres (with our streams playing), along with comfy furniture for you to hang out with your friends. Search for "magnatune" in SL to find it.
  • Music for your land: audio streams for over 40 genres that you can use at no cost in your own land. Click on the sign at the Magnatune space in Second Life for information.
  • Tshirt: a free Magnatune tshirt for your avatar
  • Message board: leave us a comment when you visit
  • Film: "Magnatune in six" video showing
  • and an email discussion group for organizing get-togethers there.

Gonna drop by there in a second and pick up a shirt and check it out. I'm "Brad Susenko".

Brad Turcottemisc