Brad Sucks digital downloads

Hooray, I have a digital music store now! You can buy DRM-free Brad Sucks tracks in high quality 192k MP3, OGG or FLAC formats. You can also buy my entire album in whichever format you like with the album art and lyrics included. Buy buy buy! I still feel strongly that people sharing my songs is vital to me as a musician, so I have no plans to stop giving my music away for free. But it's clear that many people want to pay for high quality versions of my songs and I'd like to avoid the middle-man and DRM and offer that directly if I can.


Do people really care about audio file quality? I'm skeptical. But maybe digital purchases will act as a donation "with benefits".

I'm also not sure if anyone really cares about OGG or FLAC formats. I get emails asking for them, but we'll see. I could add other formats as well (WAV?) if there's any demand. I'll give it some time and see what's what.

the nerdy stuff

I wrote the store myself. It runs off Amazon S3 (for cheap and healthy bandwidth) and the Paypal shopping cart. A bunch of PHP and MySQL later and kapow. I stole the play button layout from Scott Andrew's store because everything he makes is pretty.

There are probably bugs, so please forgive me. I will fix them as soon as I hear about them.

I'm also considering packaging this whole sucker up so other artists can use it to inexpensively host and manage their own digital stores. Any kind of file would fit in there, not just music.

If you've got any feedback or ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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