Non-DRM EMI tracks in the iTunes store

Hell has frozen over, pigs can fly, etc, etc. EMI and Apple have announced they're offering its entire digital catalog encoded at 256k and free of DRM for $1.29 per track (a 30 cent increase). Other info:

Entire album purchases will stay at the same price, but have the higher audio quality and will be DRM free.

EMI music videos will be available DRM free with no change in price.

Customers who purchased tracks previously can upgrade to DRM free tracks for $0.30 per track.

Jobs says they are trying to do similar deals with other labels, and expects that 50% of all of their tracks sold will be DRM free by end of year.

I figured this was on the horizon, but that's some seriously fast turnaround. Here's a list of musicians signed to EMI (though not all of these are available in EMI's digital catalog.)

businessBrad Turcotte