Hello my artistic friends, how are you today

Magnatune & I will soon be putting out a double CD of Creative Commons-licensed ccMixter remixes of songs off I Don't Know What I'm Doing. It's a pretty awesome project that shows a lot of the super wickedness that can come out of the Creative Commons. Only hitch right now is: OMG we need album art!

I have no visual arts talent, so I'd really appreciate some help. I need four pieces of artwork: the cover, reverse side of the cover, tray card (back) and the CD itself.  (If you need the dimensions they're here under jewel case print dimensions.)

The title is "Mixter Two: Brad Sucks / I Don't Know What I'm Doing". Even if you (like me) have no artistic skills, you could contribute by rifling through the Creative Commons Search (particularly Flickr) for photos or drawings that might make good album art material (make sure to check the two boxes at the top for photos that can be remixed & used commercially).

I don't have much to offer other than eternal peace in heaven. We'll credit you on the album and I'll send you some CDs and buttons and maybe a letter explaining how nice I think you are.

Post anything you got in these comments, my forums or email me directly. Thank you!

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