End of an OfficeMax Sucks era

Three years ago I posted about my experience with OfficeMax. I guess it was high up there in searches for "OfficeMax sucks" and became somewhat of a search honeypot. Since then I've received countless angry emails about the replies to the post. From OfficeMax managers who were slandered demanding me to remove posts, to OfficeMax employees who mistakenly slandered their managers under their real name demanding me to remove posts, to the (I guess) OfficeMax-employed trolls defending OfficeMax, it's been a wild and interestingly retarded ride.

Today, after 765 replies (and I'm pretty sure zero albums sold to angry OfficeMax employees), I've turned off comments for that post. Spread your wings and fly, disgruntled OfficeMax employees. I'm sick of hearing from you! Please go away forever!

Other search honeypots I'm aware of on bradsucks.net:

There's Something Wrong - Get one fan in Sweden, attract many more searching for "sweden sucks" I guess. What's there to hate about Sweden?

Record Deals - I'm not sure search this is popular for, but if anyone's looking for a white teenage rapper who can't spell, you might want to check out the comments.

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