Free software I use but am unhappy with

This is software I'm using but would be happy to ditch for something better:

Google Desktop - I run Google Desktop because I like the quick program launcher and docking my Google Talk & Calendar in the sidebar. But the sidebar overall feels bloated and slow, the email gadget sucks (slow to update, shows sent items, lacks Gmail integration), the quick launch often doesn't find things I want to launch and the desktop search keeps finding files I've deleted that don't exist anymore. The more I write about it here the more lame I think it is.

ToDoList - I've used this for a while and it works okay, but the options and UI are super complicated. I also can't get it to keep hiding my completed items and I'd like a view that shows me all my due tasks on one page. Having it online and integrated with my other software would be nice as well but I haven't found a better one to replace it.

KeyNote - KeyNote's development discontinued back in 2003 but I'm still been using it. It's done well for me as a notebook and scratch pad, but these days I want to ditch the note-tree paradigm for something that lets me tag my notes and ideally store them online.

Firefox - I love the awesome customization of Firefox, but it's slow, even without my gazillion extensions installed. It can't be denied that IE7 and Opera are both much faster. But I'm tied to Firefox because I can't live without Greasemonkey & Gmail Macros and NextPlease and Adblock and Firebug and Google Browser Sync and All-in-One Gestures and and and...