Live show tonight + live ruminations

Getting ready for the show tonight, regular nerves, tequila shots, etc. Tonight will be the first show I've done as a three-piece, where I'm the only guitarist. My new bassist Matthew is unavailable so the previous bassist Richard is filling in. Our one rehearsal went really well so I'm feeling good about it.

I miss Rob, but so far it's been pretty fun to be the only guitarist. I mean I can't tell if it sounds good or anything but it's kinda cool when all the guitar noise that's being made is yours. Unless of course you're totally fucking up and then it's lame as hell.

The show tonight is being recorded though I'm not sure if it's a soundboard recording or what.

My Eventful page is going okay but the numbers are pretty thin and spread out all over the universe. Regardless I've been dutifully checking out airfare. Is it worth $600 to rock 5 people in Seattle? Maybe if the tickets are $120 each. They should have an Eventful exclusively for millionaires. How many millionaires would like to see a Brad Sucks show in Seattle? If it's one, here I come!

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