Building my own keyboard stand

I'm looking to build a two (or three) shelved keyboard stand. Right now I have a keyboard on an X-stand that I often use as a table and I have a small 25 key keyboard that sits in a box because I have nowhere to put it.

Buying a dedicated keyboard stand is way more expensive than you'd think and as it's not moving I don't need to be lightweight and foldable. I thought the Internet would be full of DIY keyboard stands but so far I've only found two:

  • A Keyboard Stand on the Cheap - this one's on the right track. I may just extend this out a bit for my purposes.
  • $5 Keyboard Stand - keyboard stand out of PVC pipe. I think I'd rather go wood for extra sturdiness and expandability.

Any others out there?

diyBrad Turcottegear