Boss GT-8

gt8I broke down and bought a Boss GT-8. I had run up against tweaking limitations with the GT-6 and finally decided to go for it. Immediate knee-jerk review is that it sounds great, a substantial improvement over the GT-6. Other things:

  • The GT-8 does two amp models at a time, giving you a nice big stereo sound.
  • The patches sound more full and natural.
  • The synth patches (wave, sitar, etc) are actually responsive and playable. (On the GT-6 you could make noise with them but they frequently missed notes if you played at anything above a really slow speed.)
  • It's black and looks sexier.
  • The effects chaining makes more sense, particularly that it has a standalone compressor/limiter outside of the effects chains. It always pissed me off on the GT-6 that in order to use the compressor or limiter you had to give up an effect slot.

The bad:

  • The acoustic guitar sim presets still sound like tinny crap. Maybe I'll be able to tweak it into usability but I'm not optimistic.
  • The Output defaulted to JC-120 instead of Line/Headphones so I had a little "uhh why does this sound like total garbage?" moment, which I assume would be way worse for someone new to amp sims.

I'm very happy with it though I'll need some real time programming it to know the full score.

Brad Turcottegear