Idea: Data Twitter

I want a Twitter-style service for freeform, taggable, time-stamped data. My intended purpose would be to log real-world items. Like I'd IM/text/email the Data Twitter service with:

bike ride tags: bike, ride, exercise

writing a blog post tags: status, writing

phone call from annoying dude tags: annoying dude, phone

basketball tags: basketball, sports, exercise

These would all be time-stamped as I add them. A duration may also be useful.

The data could then be queried, searched, accessed via API from other web sites & apps, read via RSS and imported into spreadsheets.

Potential applications:

  • import specific tags (like 'exercise') for a certain time period into a spreadsheet for analysis
  • power cross-site social widgets from the data feed (most recently listened to songs, task completion, current status)
  • use as a remote control for triggering events in software monitoring the feeds (bittorrent clients, server administration)

It's super nerdy, by nature deals with private instead of social data and likely wouldn't scale, but I still want it.