Sellout Central #30

Well, I made it to episode 30 of Sellout Central. That's 30 weeks, 210 days. And I think I'm going to take a little break. It's been fun but a surprising amount of work to do -- the podcast script I wrote made assembling the episodes easy, but the real work of course was in tracking down new music. Which is great on one hand as it forced me to go out and find stuff I liked, but on the other hand it's exhausting. I got shit to do.

It was also an experiment to see what would happen if I kept at a regular podcast week after week so it was reliable. 30 weeks later, it's clear: the audience peaked early on and has slowly declined, so I'm not feeling it's the best use of my time. But I'll let the episodes sit around for a while and maybe I'll get back to it after a while.