Where I’ll be

I'm coming out of hibernation soon. So here are some places I'll be:

  • May 17 - Toronto, ON - Toronto Audio Engineering Society: I'll be speaking on a panel on May 17 from 2pm-4pm. It's called "How You Are Delivering to Your Market", a topic on which I am clearly an expert since I have not delivered anything to my market lately. More info: torontoaes.org
  • May 28 - Ottawa, ON - Jonathan Coulton: My pal Jonathan Coulton will be in town and I will be there. There was some talk about doing a song together but I'm not sure what's happening there. We're doing a song together, who knows what it could be!
  • May 29 - Kemptville, ON - VegStock: This is an outdoor music festival that happens right around the corner from my house. It'll be the first show with the new band and will be kind of a disaster test.
  • June 10 - Montreal, QC: There's a potential show in Montreal for this date but it's not 100% yet.
  • June 11 - Ottawa, ON - The Cajun Attic: This will be a show.
  • June 12 - Kingston, ON - The Mansion: This will be another show.

I'd like to get to Toronto and maybe a few other places this summer but I am not the greatest booker. If you have any hook-ups let me know.

If you happen to be any of those places, please say hi.

Update: June 10th, 11th and 12th shows are no longer happening!

Update #2: Updated the Jonathan Coulton show to confirm my participation.