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Bebo protects my copyright from me

Got this email today from Bebo and it looks like every song except for Borderline has been removed from my Bebo music page:

from: Bebo Service to: date: May 22, 2007 2:48 AM subject: Bebo Bands: Songs Removed for thebradsucks


Song content was removed for your Bebo Band, Brad Sucks.

Content was removed because it was recognized by the Bebo copyright filter to violate the Bebo Terms of Service:


As a result, the upload songs feature for this band has been disabled. If you believe that a mistake has been made, you can request that your Bebo band page be reviewed:


Please don't submit bands that you do not own the copyright to or your band may be deleted all together.


The Beboers

I think it's pretty awesome that I seem to have violated my own copyright somehow. Well done! I'm sure glad my copyrights are safe!!

Mad Hot Ballroom copyright

Stay Free! has a great interview with Amy Sewell, writer and producer of the movie Mad Hot Ballroom, about the hell they had to go through to clear all the music in the movie:

If filmmakers have to worry about these things, documentaries will cease to be documentaries! What happens when the girls go shopping and there's music playing in the stores? We were lucky because in our movie the music wasn't identifiable, but otherwise what are we supposed to do: walk up to the store manager and say, "Excuse me but can you turn off your radio?"

I've been meaning to see this movie, I hadn't even thought of this aspect. Very interesting.

Music Muffled in Star Wars Galaxies

According to Wired, music is muffled in Star Wars Galaxies due to LucasArts concerns over players potentially violating copyrights:

Players can play Wookiees or bounty hunters and even musicians -- like those in the cantina band from the original Star Wars.

But musicians are not permitted to actually make music -- except a handful of canned tunes -- because of copyright violation fears.

Seems like it's an area the ringtone barons should get into. $2 to play a 30 second clip of some polyphonic Star Wars themed music.