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Guess who’s doing a Patreon

Hello there, after several years of procrastinating, I've started a Patreon. It's a website where you can sponsor independent creators and get access to exclusive content and stuff. I'll be posting songs I'm working on as well as writing as much as people want to hear about them as I try to finish the next album.

The first song's about psychedelic mushrooms as antidepressants. It's called Fun Guy -- I threw it on Youtube so I could maybe lure you into sponsoring me on the Patreon, let's see if it works:

Back from the brain dead

Welp, the album's off to mastering. What a needlessly awful process that was (spoiler: all my fault). Maybe one day I'll write up all the things I learned but for now my priority is to move on and keep some guilt-free momentum going. I'm excited to not take four years to make my next thing. So there are some shows booked. I'll have an official release date (spoiler: November 2nd) and all that jazz sometime soon. I'm working on new songs and I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet. Slow and steady wins the race.

Also: my buddy JB who runs Songfight! had a 40th birthday recently. A bunch of us did covers of his songs as a birthday surprise. I covered What We Need More of is Science (original is here.)

I Need to Love Myself More and You Less (demo)

This one's been a struggle and I think it still needs a bunch of work, but I'm calling the demo done and I'll come back to it. I was trying to do something a bit different and ehhhh I dunno: I Need to Love Myself More and You Less (demo)

Anyway, that's a wrap on the demos for the next record. You can listen to them all here (warning: spoilers). Gonna take a short break and then start hassling friends for feedback and then I'll make a bunch of decisions on what needs to be fixed. And then fix those things.

A lovely Christmas song

Here's my last monthly demo thing of 2009. It's a cover of a Christmas song my friend JB wrote and that I really like. It's not safe for work, was done in a day and a half and here it is: Fuck You, Motherfucker (It's Christmas) (4MB)

Thanks to JB for the background vocals! Oh and here's the original.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for 2009. I've enjoyed doing the monthly songs but I'm looking forward to taking a break. Thanks for listening dudes, have a good holiday.

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Goodbye Horses (cover)

Last month "Jack" requested twice (1, 2) that I do a cover of Goodbye Horses, the Q Lazzarus song:

Request from Brad if he's up to it. Bunch of friends and I think Clerks 2 is an awesome movie! We wanted to know if Brad would do a cover song of Goodbye Horses from Q Lazzarus. You know the creepy silence of the lambs Buffalo Bill song. Take the creepy out and see clerks 2 to understand the humor in it. Everyone at work loves Bradsux and wanted to see if Brad would attempt a cover of it. Such groups that actually sounded better that did a remix were Psyche. Anyhow just small request.

I listened to the original and didn't like it. Then I noticed it was stuck in my head and I started to like it. Then it seemed familiar and I realized my wife was obsessed with it a couple months ago. So here's my cover:

Goodbye Horses (cover) [6 MB]

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Failure & humiliation

So I failed again with the monthly demo. My excuse: it's been a stupid crazy busy month and I'm addressing the problem, since I can't seem to keep up anymore. It's not an awful problem to have but it's uncool.

Anyway, I need to make myself pay for my failure, so here's two humiliatingly incomplete things you can listen to.

#1: Every now and then people ask me to make intro music for their shows or whatever. Then their shows get cancelled or do not air. Amber MacArthur asked me to do one last year and the show was immediately disintegrated. Here's the thing I wrote for her:

Intro Music for the Damned [1.6 MB]

#2: Ben and I have been working on the two-person Brad Sucks live show for a while but are bringing a drummer in now. To help him out with practicing on his own we recorded the live set in my office. Direct-in, one take and at very low volume. Here are some embarrassing clips from that:

Crappy Live Clips [4 MB]

Neither are mixed worth a whatever, etc, etc, etc.

Waste of TV (demo)

July demo: Waste of TV [5 MB]

This is track #7 on the little album I've been slowly putting demos up for. Also as a bonus experiment, there's an album page and a tentative title for it now: Guess Who's a Mess.

I'm not sure what else to do with that page, anyone have any ideas?

The obvious one everyone suggests to me is funding/donations or pre-orders. I'm iffy on that. Mostly I don't want to owe anyone anything creatively (aka I may flake out). And the money I'd get isn't going to make or break the production so it feels pointless.

So what's left? Attention and collaboration/contributions?

This Meeting (demo)

June demo: This Meeting [4 MB].

I've been rearranging my office/studio place here with one of the goals being to achieve better quality recordings and mixes. Unfortunately I'm only half done so it's actually worse in here right now. Gotta get me some acoustic foam.

Heart and Soul (cover)

So I failed at finishing a demo for May and I resolved to find an embarrassing enough apology cover to do. Here's a rough cover of Heart and Soul by Huey Lewis and the News (but originally by Exile) to show you I'm sorry. Thanks to Ben for help with the guitars and bass. Heart and Soul (cover) [6.3 MB]

I actually recorded it at the same BPM as the original so it was supposed to sync with the Huey Lewis video. But I can't get it to work and I'm sick of it.

Update: I can't embed it due to "a copyright claim by EMI" but here's the video synced with my cover.

Update #2:

Model Home (demo)

April demo: Model Home (demo) [5.7MB MP3]

Two things about this track:

  • It's the first song on a concept album I'm working on. All the songs are roughed out (but incomplete) and the track order is decided. The other song I've released that fits on this album is Thanks for the Add (which will be track 5).
  • This is the first song I've done in REAPER. I'm really impressed with version 3 and I'm trying to switch to it from Cubase (more on that later). The mix isn't great on this song but that's not REAPER's fault. It is a demo so I'm forcing myself not to care.
I Command You to Be My Woman (demo)

Here's my demo for March. It's extra retarded: I Command You to Be My Woman (demo) [4.5MB MP3]

The story behind it is this: my buddy JB from Songfight! asked some of his musician pals to write songs to surprise his would-be fiancee with just before he popped the question. I spent a month working on a very tender and sincere ballad and then shit-canned it at the last moment and wrote this thing.

Check out the other entries on Songfight. And I'd say wish JB good luck but she'd have to be jerk of the year to say no after everyone wrote all these songs. So I think it's basically in the bag.