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s_12272405571116964 Gonna go out on a limb here and say the show last night in Denver effing blewww. It was amazing. I don't really want to suggest it was legendary but I had a difficult time through security back to Canada and am thinking word might have gotten around.

I also don't want to characterize a particular Denver sound man as “a douchebag” but I'm not sure how to finish this sentence without doing exactly that.

I will likely blog more about some lessons I learned once my brain unpacks.

It was nice to meet Jeff though even if it was just shouty bar conversation. NICE TO MEET YOU JEFF.


Sound was pretty rotten at the Harvard thing which was sad. Pretty much no PA which was like whoah. Gonna have to burn out the brain cells with those memories in them. The talk was fun though, a really engaged and smart crowd. Tomorrow I'm doing an in-class thing which should be super fascinating and then the show at the Middle East which hopefully will be much, much louder.

Boston is pretty nice from what I've seen which isn't much. I've seen a lot of car accidents though and now I'm going to go see a bar about some drinks for my belly.