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Adventures in Spain

Long ago I received an email from a nice young Spanish lady named Elisa who asked if her and her friends could use my song Dropping out of School for a lipdub (aka lipsync) video contest for Citroen. I said yes because I say yes to everything. They did this video:

Which I thought was so awesome. Then I got word that they won the contest! And they won a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea! To which I was invited since I technically participated in the project. But Citroen did not offer to fly me over there so I declined because I am not rich. Then the awesome group of Spanish folks asked me for a photo of myself so they could take it to the award ceremony. And they've sent me a bunch of photos:


Here's me and Elisa (I think) hanging out by a car. Hey car, what up. Hey Elisa. Thanks for holding me.


I'm always awkward at social functions and this one manages to be no different.


Is that dude trying to pick my nose?


Hanging out by the snack trays is why I don't fit into those tiny jeans anymore.


We're going on a cruise! I'm going to get so drunk. On the Mediterranean!


Not sure what I had for dinner but it's pretty clear I've been ditched. That centerpiece is interesting.