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Dark Room & JDarkRoom

I've been jealous of Write Room for the Mac for a while but now there are two Windows (or cross-platform) clones: Dark Room and JDarkRoom. They're all stripped down full-screen text editors:

It's sort of stupid that with all the amazing multitasking and features on the average desktop that a full-screen and nearly featureless text editor seems exciting and fresh. I think it reminds me of my days writing in Telemate. (Wow, there's no Wikipedia page for Telemate.)

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Moleskine anxiety

mole.jpgI got a sexy Moleskine notebook for Christmas. It's very nice and it's the sort of thing I would never buy for myself but was curious about, so it was an excellent gift. So far I've learned that none of my thoughts or feelings are fancy enough to be written in such a nice notebook. "Would Hemingway or Picasso have written that in their Moleskines, Brad? Honestly." It's still blank and I'm trying to work up the balls to wreck it with language.

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