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Last night at Zaphods

Photo 0063The show last night went just fine, thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who was just there.

Doing live shows these days is strange. I'm not sure what to expect anymore. Some highlights:

  • There was a really drunk guy yelling that we were "the next April Wine". I think he was yelling that at all the bands.
  • There was another guy who just yelled "YOU LOOK LIKE JIMMY FALLON" at me which is a new one.
  • Tom from Furnaceface did the sound and he was awesome.
  • I believe my fly was open for the entire show. My first time (as far as I know).
  • My car got stuck in the snowy parking lot at 1am but luckily two homeless dudes helped me out for two dollars each. God bless them.

So who knows.