Quitting Singing Lessons

On Friday night I made the decision to quit taking lessons with my particular vocal teacher. She was very nice and a very good singer, but I felt like I was paying $20 a week to just hang out and sing for half an hour. Very little direction or advice or instruction was given, which kept frustrating me as I felt I could do all of that on my own. Each time I'd get frustrated I would try to push the lessons more in that direction, which would help temporarily and then kind of peter out. I felt like I was way more concerned with goals than my teacher was.

So I decided to quit, which is a drag and makes this my second somewhat failed attempt at getting a vocal coach.

I'm going to continue on with the scales I was taught beceause I did feel that practicing them was improving my voice. I did confirm that I was breathing properly, which was something that concerned me. So it wasn't all a loss.

Probably when I work up the nerve and vocal angst again I'll go and look for another teacher. La di da.