VST Spectrum Analyzer

Lately, while thinking about putting together a CD compilation of my tracks so far, I've been struggling with trying to understand mixing. It's one of those things that I don't think I get the worst results in, but I feel I don't really understand what the hell I'm doing. I always feel lost. So I've been trying to use spectrum analyzers to understand what's going on with the frequencies in my recordings. The one in Cubase is okay but I find it a bit complicated and cumbersome. While reading through the kvr-vst forums I came across this thread where Jonathan Ayres of ConcreteFX posted this excellent QSpec spectrum analyzer plugin that he made.

It's pretty cool and is something I've wanted for a while. Just from running one of my tracks through it and watching the activity of the track and the individual channels I feel like I have a little bit better idea where various instruments sit. Which I assume will be helpful when it's time to get them to stop clashing.