While driving home tonight thinking about all the spam waiting for me in my inbox, I had an idea that made me laugh. The idea would be to put together a compilation of songs by independent musicians where the title of the song was a subject from a piece of junk mail. I went through my spam folder when I got home and here's an idea of what the tracklist would look like: 1. Bad Credit Need Money 2. I'll Make Your Dream Come True 3. VIRGIN BABES LOOKING FOR PARTNER (ON NEW HARDCORE PARTY) 4. Get Your Pills Now 5. Ready to Enlarge Your Penis 6. Bonnie Forgot Her Clothes 7. We Can Pay Off Your Debt 8. Is Your Woman Satisfied Today 9. Viagra, Soma, Fioricent, Prescribed Online for Free 10. Women will flock to you 11. Are You Sick of Spam 12. Toner Cartridge Prices You Requested 13. Brad Feel Happier About Your Appearance

For some reason I'm actually giving some serious though to putting a collaborative project like this together and selling it for cost on Cafe Press or something. I think it would make me happy to turn junk email into art somehow.