Nice Feedback

Wow, Matt from Metafilter wrote some very nice things about my album today on his blog:

It sat around for a few weeks until one day I decided to rip the disc into iTunes and toss it into the random work mix. It spun for a week and it wasn't until I looked for the songs today that I realized what I've been enjoying all week. I have a few John Vanderslice and Folk Implosion albums in my library and I assumed the songs I heard and liked were one of those bands, but it was all Brad. "Making Me Nervous" is my current favorite song on earth. It sounds like the best of Folk Implosion and the rest of the Brad Sucks disc is really good too.

This has brightened my week. Also thank you to the nice people who have come in from there and bought the CD or sent me nice emails or signed up for the notification list thing. All of those things are totally wickedly great.