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William Gibson

Wow, linked to by William "father of cyberpunk" Gibson:

People sometimes ask what I was listening to during the writing of a given book. For Spook Country, I've usually cited the complete ouvre of Drive By Truckers (whom I happened to discover for the first time just as the book was really getting started), and, toward the end, Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. But I've been forgetting Brad Sucks, who I discovered when I was somewhere in the middle. Anesthetic's remix of "Dirtbag", in fact, came to have much to do with the tonality of my character Milgrim. I'd drive around and listen to that if I felt I was losing the peculiarly floaty grip that Milgrim required.

I don't know if I will ever feel any nerd-cooler than this moment.

The Anesthetic remix of Dirtbag is here by the way and it's by my fellow Magnatune artist c.Layne.

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Did an interview with Amber MacArthur for CityTV and her show Webnation. She's super nice though the interview was marred by my crappy webcam, power brown-outs due to thunderstorm and general internet retardation. Regardless it'll be on tonight around 8:20 or something, hopefully they can cobble something together from my stammering.

Update: the piece is here, thanks Amber!

Top 11 Declarative Band Names

CBC Radio 3 made a list of the top 11 declarative band names and Brad Sucks is in there, right on! Here's the list and I'm in great company:

11. I Am Not a Manimal
10. God Invented Mustard
9. A Spectre Is Haunting Europe
8. We Are Wolves
7. You Say Party! We Say Die!
6. Godspeed You! Black Emperor
5. I Love You But I've Chosen The Darkness
4. I Am Robot And Proud
3. Brad Sucks
2. This Band Goes To Eleven
1. I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't

Personally I have a soft spot for any band name with an exclamation mark in it. You Say Party! We Say Die! is pretty classic. [via]

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Brad Sucks on the new Renault Megane

Apparently if you buy a new Renault Megane car it comes with a built-in mp3 player. And included on that mp3 player you will find the song Making Me Nervous by yours truly. I believe that's the most expensive way I've ever seen to get a copy of my song. Sweet! [via]

Lodebearing & on10 interviews

That interview I did with the ladies at is online here. I did an interview with the Lodebearing podcast where we talked about some things. I got Skype working for this interview but then they couldn't record it. So now I have a Skype account with like three people in it who are never online. Welcome to the future.

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I'm doing an interview on tomorrow talking with Laura Foy and Tina Wood about music, remixing and uh how I'm not totally boring. It'll be my first combination webcam + voip interview so I'm sure it'll go great and not be completely awkward. Anyway I'll update here when it's online, I have no idea how quick the turnaround is on these things or if it's live or whatever the hell. Update: interview's done, it went all right I think. Laura and Tina were real nice and didn't ask me to take my top off on cam so I'm relieved I wasn't sexually exploited. I'm told the segment should be up in a week or so.

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I like being in press releases. Podcast Network Releases Indie Album by Brad Sucks:

TAMPA, Fla., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Release of the indie album, "I Don't Know What I'm Doing" by Brad Sucks, marks the debut of Slo-Monkey, the music label behind the Emergency Podcast System ( The quirky, witty album's release is backed by a TV campaign on Former Vice President Al Gore's cable network, Current TV. Current TV serves over 20 million households nationwide and has an energetic youth audience.

Smart lyrics and danceable tunes made indie band Brad Sucks an obvious choice for the Slo-Monkey label. Says music contract guy Lil' Dawgg, "If we find ourselves singing the tunes around the office, we know we have a winner."

Here's the ad that'll be running: (.MOV) Looks like they paid that girl to dance to my music. Right on.

Anyway it's a non-exclusive deal and they seem like nice dudes over there. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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Seattle Times article

My music gets compared to Beck a fair amount. Sometimes it's kind of a drag because everybody wants to be original of course. Anyway this Seattle Times article doesn't call me the "poor man's Beck", it literally says I'm more affordable to license than Beck:

If your neighbor's daughter's garage band isn't quite the sound you were seeking, you can explore rights-cleared music on sites like Magnatune (, which offers speedy commercial licensing for music in a variety of genres. You may not be able to afford the Beck tune you were hoping for, but you might find a serviceable "ironic electro-pop" substitute in a one-man band called "Brad Sucks" for a significantly reduced cost (depending on the type and scope of the project, this could be as low as 50 bucks).

Guess I'll add that to the ol' press kit: "A serviceable [Beck] substitute" - The Seattle Times

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Toy Story 2 Requiem

ts_1.jpg Zach wrote in to tell me that he heard a version of my song Dirtbag in a trailer mashup contest. The entry is by Mike Hindes and called Toy Story 2 Requiem. It's a hilarious mash-up trailer of the movies Toy Story 2 and Requiem for a Dream.

(15mb WMV) (Warning: there's some R-rated language.) Very awesome. It almost makes me glad I sat through 90% of Requiem for a Dream so I could find this extra funny. Almost. I'll never forgive that movie.

I also like how absurd the level of mashup-ness is getting on my music. "Hey, an Israeli remix of your song was used in a movie trailer mashup!" Say what now?

Canadian Music Week

I'll be on the "Blog-Rolling" panel at Canadian Music Week in Toronto on Saturday, March 4th. So if you happen to be there, feel free to throw something at me. I've never been to one of these fancy music conferences so it'll be interesting. I have so much great, great advice for other independent musicians I don't know if an hour will be long enough. I also hope I can go the entire hour without saying the phrase "whore yourself out". We'll see how I do!

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