Seattle Times article

My music gets compared to Beck a fair amount. Sometimes it's kind of a drag because everybody wants to be original of course. Anyway this Seattle Times article doesn't call me the "poor man's Beck", it literally says I'm more affordable to license than Beck:

If your neighbor's daughter's garage band isn't quite the sound you were seeking, you can explore rights-cleared music on sites like Magnatune (, which offers speedy commercial licensing for music in a variety of genres. You may not be able to afford the Beck tune you were hoping for, but you might find a serviceable "ironic electro-pop" substitute in a one-man band called "Brad Sucks" for a significantly reduced cost (depending on the type and scope of the project, this could be as low as 50 bucks).

Guess I'll add that to the ol' press kit: "A serviceable [Beck] substitute" - The Seattle Times

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