Top 11 Declarative Band Names

CBC Radio 3 made a list of the top 11 declarative band names and Brad Sucks is in there, right on! Here's the list and I'm in great company:

11. I Am Not a Manimal
10. God Invented Mustard
9. A Spectre Is Haunting Europe
8. We Are Wolves
7. You Say Party! We Say Die!
6. Godspeed You! Black Emperor
5. I Love You But I've Chosen The Darkness
4. I Am Robot And Proud
3. Brad Sucks
2. This Band Goes To Eleven
1. I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't

Personally I have a soft spot for any band name with an exclamation mark in it. You Say Party! We Say Die! is pretty classic. [via]

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