Media Roundup

Between churning out CDs and going to the office supply store to buy them out of mailing envelopes over and over, I've been meaning to blog some of the crazy hype Outside the Inbox has been getting, so here's a list of some of the bigger media coverage so that I can impress my mom: The Register (UK) Folha Online (Brazil) PCforalla (Sweden) Security Focus TechDirt SiliconValley Metafilter San Jose Business Journal

Outside the Inbox has so far made it to #8 on Blogdex, and you can track some (but only a tiny amount) of the weblog linkage here:

And my personal hero Leo Laporte from The Screen Savers linked to it here.

I've done phone interviews with the San Jose Business Journal and Montreal's La Presse. Apparently the compilation has been mentioned on BBC Radio and I signed a waiver to allow LBC 97.3 to broadcast any of the Outside the Inbox or Brad Sucks stuff. Eric Wiltsher has told me they're going to let me know when that's going to happen so I can let you folks know.

I am assuming one day I will have time to work on music again.