What's awesome is spending lots of time on the phone with OfficeMax customer service trying to get them to do something about my December 10th order of bubble envelopes that still hasn't even shipped. They claim one business day shipping on most orders and have the delivery date on the order projected as December 12th, 2003 which is practically a million billion years ago. The status code even says "PIP - order received, filling order in delivery center" like I'm some sort of sub-idiot man-jerk. I am in fact typing this up as I'm sitting on hold listening to OfficeMax advertisements ("when you think ink, think OfficeMax!"). This is the third time I've called them today, the previous two times I've been transferred to other departments. One time I wound up on the phone with a bank for some reason which, the lady I was talking to there agreed, was totally the wrong place for me to be.

This is actually an improvement over the two other occasions I've called them since the 10th asking about my order. Both of those times I was told someone would call me back and nobody did. So I at least feel a bit better about being transferred around even if it means each time I reach a dead end I have to hang up and call back and wait for one of their representatives to be free. I at least feel like I'm just one transfer away from a solution rather than waiting for a phone call that will never ever come, ever.

If there is ever a market for tell-all books by musicians (possibly with lots of swearing) on the subject of postage and envelopes and office supplies and maybe the crushing impact of this knowledge on a person's ability to write songs, I am going to god damn write it.

Still on hold. I hope I'm at least getting punk rock indie cred or something for this.