Acts of Volition Radio

A nice person named Kelly wrote in to tell me that my song Making Me Nervous was played on the first Acts of Volition radio session. Not only do I like it because it features me among such lofty company as The Postal Service and The Darkness and The Weakerthans, but I've been moaning about the lack of indie DJ's for a while now, wondering why more people aren't doing more stuff like this. Here's what Steven says about putting together the session:

I like the idea of assembling a bit of music, talking about who it is and why I like it, and making it available for download. An hour show could be posted for download and those interested could listen at their convenience (much like we enjoy the Strong Bad emails at or a new edition of The Onion each week).

Seems like a great idea to me. Of course I'm on 26.4k dialup so I'll have to listen to it some other time like a chump.