My Stupid Elbow

Saw the specialist today. He was all "you have tennis elbow" and I was all "but I've been treated for tennis elbow and nothing's working and furthermore I was having hand problems way before anyone said I had tennis elbow" and then I was pitted in a game of arm strength and dexterity versus him and I won (because I am fiercely competitive). I was told I have no nerve damage and my x-ray looks fine (though I could see in his eyes that he meant to say "F-I-N-E FINE" and howl like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith). So he suggested I friction treat my elbow (ie. rub it) and ice it and also do some weights to take the pressure off the something or others and then come back in March if it's not magically healed. Then I drank some fine discount Australian wine and started writing this paragraph. Personally I feel pretty let down about the appointment. This arm's been pissing me off for like a year and a half to two years now and these are all things I've tried before. I can't play keyboards, I can't play guitar for more than thirty minutes without pain++ and also I have to whine about it all the time and nobody likes a whiner I hear.