Magnatune selling Rock USB Flash Drives

Magnatune selling USB Flash Drives of 10 Rock Albums in retail stores:

In partnership with Hana Micron, in March you'll start seeing Magnatune-brand USB Flash drives, with 10 complete rock albums loaded on the drive. The drives will be sold in retail outlets, both in music stores and in computer stores, and will come in a variety of megabyte sizes. You can plug them into the USB port of any computer and play the MP3s right from the drive.


The initial manufacturing run is for 50,000 units, so this should get some visibility for us in the retail world. We'll have more information when the USB drives become available in stores. The 10 rock artists on the product are: Artemis, Arthur Yoria, Brad Sucks, Burnshee Thornside, Emmas Mini, Fluid, Jade Leary, Myles Cochran, The Kokoon, and Tom Paul. If this sells as we hope, we'll be releasing additional USB Flash drives for different music genres.

50,000, holy crap. Cool stuff.

Brad Turcottemedia