The Economist

The Magnatune article I was interviewed for is in the current issue of the Economist (which is subscription only, but you can read it in Magnatune's press section.) It's some great press for Magnatune and there's also a real nice plug for me in the second paragraph:

You can legally listen, free of charge and with high sound quality, to full albums by any of the 200 or so artists who have signed to the label. (Your correspondent was immediately hooked by a song called "Making Me Nervous" by a one-man electro-pop band from Ottawa called Brad Sucks.)

Sweet! Can't get in SPIN, but the Economist likes me. Hello bankers!

The article also goes on to say Magnatune's goal is to focus on second-tier genres, which makes business sense as really, who wants to compete with the majors? But it's kind of a downer for little old me in the Rock genre.

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