State of the social networking

Time to take stock of my social networking participation.

Twitter - Still updating on Twitter against all odds. Being able to monitor and update it via IM is really all it's got going for it. I've had to start ignoring certain people though because the noise level got too high.

Pownce - I'm really not sure what to do with Pownce. It's nice, but the lack of IM makes me lazy about it. I really like the reply-to-posts feature. I've started experimenting with uploading songs I've been listening to, which is fun but would be way more fun if everyone I knew had access to it.

MySpace - I still log in and add friends who request it and try to reply to messages in there. Spam has reduced from a few months ago so MySpace doesn't bother me much anymore.

Facebook - Even though I only have around 70 friends on there and don't whore it out like MySpace it's rapidly becoming the most annoying social network. Check out what I'm met with when I log on:


Hey Facebook, I've got 1 leave me the fuck alone request for you. Oh and a fortune friend request.

socialBrad Turcotterant, tech