IKEA shopping results

I went to IKEA today thinking I might pick up a few things to improve my office: hannesHANNES - I wanted this as a side-table/keyboard stand so I could put my 50 key MIDI keyboard on the pull-out shelf and my little Axiom 25 on the top with room for junk on the side. In person the HANNES was flimsy and ugly and too deep. I would have had to modify it a lot to work for me and the particleboard was so thin I think it'd disintegrate if I took a saw to it. Pass.

daveDAVE - On the website this looked like a good general use laptop/side-work table. In person it's real wobbly so I didn't get it. I may go back for it, I think the equivalent non-wobbly version from somewhere else would cost at least three times the price. Pass.

bradaBRÄDA - This was pretty much exactly as advertised. Cheap little laptop lap table. Hard on top, cushiony underneath. Also I enjoy the name. Bought.

Also I forgot to look around for a FARTYG.

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