It's allergy season so I am a stoned zombie wandering around walking into things and sleeping for twelve hours a night. I sat here staring at the computer today and I think maybe I did absolutely nothing.

Work continues on the album however. There are some great potential album covers in the forum thread with some other sweet ones on the way. I'm trying to think of a way to use the album covers I don't pick for "the one".

Did I mention I'm having recurring nightmares of putting the album out and then nobody buys it and then I get chased by bees? Uhh...

k3000Thinking about selling my guitar amp and switching to running my Boss GT-6 into a keyboard amp (or two). Right now the Behringer K3000FX or the Roland KC350 are the  leading contenders. Sorta leaning towards the Roland because a) I don't know why I'd need 300 watts of guitar and b) I know Behringer stuff will eventually turn to dust in my hands.

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