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Amazon hype & gorillas

I'm pretty far behind on the blogging lately, let's see...

Amazon launched their DRM-free MP3 download service - good news for anyone who hates DRM. The implementation is nice, the player's decent. Things I don't know: a) how my music got in there b) how they decided on $6.99 for the price of my album (which is a dollar more than 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin') and c) how much I earn out of the sales. Seeing as though I earn about $6.50 from each iTunes album sale I assume this'll be significantly less riches for me.

I'm pretty into Hype Machine lately. My friend Ryan's been bringing me up to speed on the blog house scene. I really don't have the time or patience or really anything to keep up with things so I'm relying on aggregators to do it. Of course now I'm thinking about writing my own as making web sites to enable my own laziness is sort of a passion of mine.

I think I could watch this Cadbury ad about one, maybe two thousand more times:

I think this is the first time I've ever been happy to hear Phil Collins.

Michael Jackson

I was helping out at the White Glove Tracking project today, creating white glove data that I'm sure will be used in a way that will better humanity. Anyway, it made me go re-watch Michael Jackson's legendary 1983 Motown Billie Jean performance:

It's still entertaining, but two things stand out:

  • Michael is so obviously lip-synching. I don't hear many people mention that when they talk about this performance.
  • That glove is huge. Did they have nothing in Michael's size?

I went through Youtube looking for videos that used my songs and also uploaded a couple. There's a video player at the bottom in my the gallery now.

If you have or know of any others out there, send them in.

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