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Out of It source

Okay I haven't figured out much of a bandwidth solution so let's just party. All the source for Out of It is now on ccMixter here. Also there are acappellas on ccMixter separate from the source if you only want those. Here are the source files direct from me. I pray to the lord my server will survive this:

You should upload anything you make to ccMixter and I'll list it on the song pages and like… you'll be part of song HISTORY!

The source of course

Okay, I thought I was going to post all the Out of It source today but I'm honestly a little concerned about my server right now and ccMixter only takes 10mb uploads so I can't make it their problem.

So for now here's track 1: Dropping out of School [33mb zip]. I'll see what's what, but the rest is definitely on the way, sorry for the wait.

Update (9/10): The vocals for all the tracks on Out of It are now on ccMixter. Working out getting the full source up shortly.

Full album source online

The remix compilation is just around the corner (finally), so here's the source for the final two songs off the album: Never Get Out [20mb] and Work Out Fine [43mb]. So now after a lot of cutting and looping and exporting, the source for my entire album I Don't Know What I'm Doing is available online here.

I've also got a torrent of the whole thing: Brad_Sucks_-_I_Dont_Know_What_Im_Doing_(source).zip.torrent. The source to all the songs is in there and it weighs in at 560+ megs. This may crap out if bandwidth gets tight, so get it while you can.

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