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Out of It stuff and stuff

Out of It's travelling around out there, which rules! A brief recap:

Remixes and stuff:

Extra places you can get it:

  • Out of It is now on It's out of stock right now but I shipped off some more a week ago so it should be up soon.
  • It's on Magnatune now.
  • It's on Jamendo.
  • It's been delivered to Napster, Rhapsody, Amie Street, Apple iTunes and eMusic (and a few other I've never heard of) but when they put it online is up to them. Let me know if you spot it.
  • Out of stock at CD Baby but should be back in soon.
  • A bunch of the new tracks are on iLike, if you're into adding stuff to Facebook and so on.
  • The whole album's up on as well.
  • My MySpace page has been updated with new songs also.

There are a lot of things I'm missing, but this will have to do for now.

Remix chart

I've been loading all user-submitted stuff (remixes, tabs, etc) into a database so I can display and maintain it better. I loaded all the remixes people have done of my songs into it today and spat out this chart:

Interesting, I always figured Making Me Nervous and Dirtbag would be way up there as they're my most popular tracks, but I'm surprised to see Overreacting in the top three.

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State of the remixes

I'm way, way, hopelessly, way behind on posting remixes. I've been in denial about it as they've stacked up, but I think I have to admit that I'm so far behind I may never be caught up again. I still love getting the remixes -- but it takes a lot of time to process them and I'm short on the time lately. CC Mixter and I'll make listing those here a priority. Sorry to all the remixers who sent stuff in that hasn't been posted. Anyway, I just thought I'd come clean.

Update: Remix posts to CC Mixter should automatically show up in the remix section (way down at the bottom) now. Still tidying that up, but it seems to work.

Psycraft remixes

computech.jpgI've been getting a lot of email about some remixes done by an Israeli group called Psycraft on their album Computech. They've done remixes of Borderline and Dirtbag and apparently have had a bit of success with it, appearing on the latest Raja Ram mix cd.

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A bunch more have been added over on my ccMixter page.

  • John Bintz has done a short film called Reginald Smith: The Cookie Meltdown. I'm told there's a remix of my song Dropping Out of School in there about a third of the way through.
  • Simon David put Making Me Nervous in a video diary for the feature film he's producing.

As far as podcast play, I've kinda lost track because I'm disorganized. My Podsafe page tells me I've been played on Unsigned podcast, Tower of Song, RSM Robert Smoove Music, Radio Free Cruze and IT Conversations lately. Thanks!

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Brad Sucks collaboration contest

Hey look, it's the Brad Sucks Online Collaboration Contest, brought to you by KillYourFM Magazine and Here's how to participate. is a site I think I've talked about before. Its main goal is to hook up potential musical collaborators and get them working on songs together. For this competition thing, I've provided the source to my song Dirtbag. People can now collaborate with it or re-record everything or do whatever the like with it. Entries will be judged and so on. Here's how to participate.

Remix cover

People are still downloading the hell out of the remix album and my album source, which is fantastic. Thanks to everyone who's been spreading it! Here's some remixed cover art that the original I Don't Know What I'm Doing album artist Allen Henderson did:

In retrospect I probably should have asked him to draw that before I beat him so badly in Scrabble.

And here's an I Don't Know What I'm Doing cover remix that Michael Brewer did:

Thanks Michael! If you've got a remixed cover, send it on in.

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Boing Boinged

Hello to everyone coming in from Boing Boing. My server exploded under the weight of everyone trying to download my source files and remix album at once, but things seem better now. I've had to take the remix album MP3 files offline temporarily and I'm trying running everything else through Coral.

If you can, please use Bittorrent to grab the remix album and source:

Here's the I Don't Know What I'm Doing Remixed torrent. (96 megs)

And here's the I Don't Know What I'm Doing Source torrent. (560+ megs)


I Don't Know What I'm Doing Remixed

I Don't Know What I'm Doing Remixed is finally online. 18 tracks, 1:04:09 playing time. It was a lot of work putting it together but I think it turned out pretty well. Thanks to all the remixers and to everyone who helped spread the word that I've been giving away the source to my album I Don't Know What I'm Doing. (You can get the full source here.)

Here's the zip file for I Don't Know What I'm Doing Remixed. Here's the torrent.

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Remixes, drummer and news

I'm sure there are more I've missed on CCMixter.

Also, holy crap, a drummer has been found. His name is Bruce, here's a sample of him on his electronic kit rocking out to Look and Feel Years Younger:

I met with him this week and Rob and I are pretty excited about kicking it live.

Podcasts I'm told I've been played on recently:

Some other things:

  • One of my songs is in "A Few Minutes With Them" (Windows Media / Quicktime) a short film that's getting submitted to festivals. If you have any feedback on it, send it to
  • One of my songs is also going to be in a Dutch snowboard movie being made by RELOAD. I went snowboarding last winter and broke my ass.
  • Teru, a prolific remixer, has gotten a page of his Brad Sucks remixes up on New Music Canada. Check out the page here.

The many times delayed remix album is more dangerously near completion than ever before.


If I missed your remix, please send it in again because I have no mind:

Thanks to all the remixers as always. You can get the source to a bunch of my tracks here. You can email them to me or put them on my CC Mixter page for instant gratification.

Remixes and More

Here's some remixes and also the first mash-up I've gotten:

The latest remix source is for I Think I Started A Trend (61mb). As always, please deliver to me your remixes and I will be most pleased.

I'm going to be presenting an award on The Skinny on Sports' award show podcast - The Skinnies. Presenters include Adam Curry, Dave Slusher, Michael Geoghegan and some other familiar names. Apparently listeners have the chance to win a 1 gig iPod Shuffle and Etymotic 61 earphones, the show should be up on and after Wednesday.

I'm working on a lot of Brad Sucks related stuff and hope to start actually finishing some of those things soon or at the very least die in my sleep and have them released posthumously.

Remix Update

A batch of freshly hatched remixes:

Despite a few additions this week, Sick as a Dog gets the award for being the least remixed song so far.

Apparently the remix podcast feed was broken, it should be fixed now. Thanks to Herbert for letting me know.

There's an interview with me here I did a while ago. As for Podcast play, I think The Skinny on Sports is using my music as an intro/outro. I see others fly by on Technorati but I lack the drive, ambition and organizational skills to write them down.

Hey, if you're the person who did the MatterOverMind remix of Making Me Nervous, please email me as I've lost your address. I'm on the home stretch of contacting remixers for the remix compilation.

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Remixes and Update

Here are some of the remixes and news that it's taken me forever to post. A bunch of the remixes are ones I downloaded from Remixfight from before it got hacked (by the same security hole it seems that took out my forums and server some weeks ago):

Latest source is for Sick as a Dog and you can get it here. Get your remixes in to me and you could be on a remix compilation coming out in the new year. Ooh la la!

Other junk:

  • You can buy individual songs off my album on MSN Music now. Previously you could only buy the whole album, glad that's fixed.
  • Apparently Australia's Triple J station played something by me and mentioned me. That is sweet.
  • Drew Tetz tipped me off to my songs being used in yo-yo videos (1 and 2) The first one is from "The 2004 World Yo-Yo Contest" and is pretty hardcore.
  • I've lost track of all the Podcasts that are playing me. I think one was and I did a semi-custom intro for the Reel Reviews back when I had time to spare.

That is all for now.