Remixes, drummer and news

I'm sure there are more I've missed on CCMixter.

Also, holy crap, a drummer has been found. His name is Bruce, here's a sample of him on his electronic kit rocking out to Look and Feel Years Younger:

I met with him this week and Rob and I are pretty excited about kicking it live.

Podcasts I'm told I've been played on recently:

Some other things:

  • One of my songs is in "A Few Minutes With Them" (Windows Media / Quicktime) a short film that's getting submitted to festivals. If you have any feedback on it, send it to
  • One of my songs is also going to be in a Dutch snowboard movie being made by RELOAD. I went snowboarding last winter and broke my ass.
  • Teru, a prolific remixer, has gotten a page of his Brad Sucks remixes up on New Music Canada. Check out the page here.

The many times delayed remix album is more dangerously near completion than ever before.